Sarah Beth Baca

Mixed Media, Motherhood & Making Art Thrive

Sarah Beth Baca, local artist, author, community liaison and activist, talks about the seasons of her life and the impact art has had throughout. As a wife, mother, and full-time artist, Sarah has learned how to balance art with life and keep an open mind about the journey to making art a profitable and impactful career. From face-painting to expressionism, mixed media to oil and acrylic, Sarah has so many experiences, insights, and advice to share about finding passion in chaos, meeting the needs of your community, and staying curious about the creative opportunities ahead of you.  

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[00:00] Podcast begins 

[02:53] Introducing mixed media artist Sarah & her background studying art 

[10:45] Graduating college & Sarah’s early artistic career with painting  

[21:37] Motherhood & womanhood as a full-time artist 

[37:06] Sarah’s body of work, including Woman of the Bible & published art books 

[47:34] Bringing art to underserved community as Board Chair of ArtReach 

[54:29] Favorite past projects & upcoming mixed media series  

[59:30] Advice for aspiring artists of all ages & backgrounds  

How has motherhood impacted your career as a full-time artist? 

The journey to being a full-time artist began for Sarah before she became a mother of 3, but motherhood changed Sarah’s career in many ways, including the medium she worked in. As her children increased the busyness of her life, Sarah found comfort and confidence in mixed media, a departure from her previous art focus of oils and acrylics. Now, with her children being older, Sarah says that her journey as an artist has grown and changed along with them, showing her the unique challenges and inspiration that come with motherhood as an artist.  

“The way we’re taught to view being an artist has been a very specific way. You have to create this certain number of pieces in a certain amount of time, and you have to have devoted a certain number of hours in your studio. You have to network and meet with all of these gallery owners. Using that mindset, it was impossible for me as a mom to be able to do art in that way.” 

How have you gotten involved in the community with ArtReach Houston?  

Outside of her incredible work as an artist, Sarah is the Board Chair at ArtReach, providing thought leadership to executive director Nicole and assistance with the community outreach programs ArtReach has throughout Fort Bend, Harris, and Waller counties. Engaging with individuals in need of all ages, ArtReach uses art as a healing, restorative, and empowering mechanism. Sarah says that her work with ArtReach is a rewarding reminder of the importance of art to all people, especially those who are underserved and in need.  

“It’s a wide variety of arts that ArtReach provides, but my favorite thing is it’s bringing art into communities that wouldn’t normally have access to it. It’s just really cool to see how the healing power of art is just so meaningful. It’s meaningful for the people that are receiving the classes, and it’s also meaningful for the artists who are teaching it.” 

What advice do you have for aspiring artists who want to have a full-time career? 

Through the seasons of her career, Sarah has always kept her options open to the different ways art can be a source of income. From running summer arts camps out of her home to live painting during church events, Sarah explains that there’s so many ways that her passion for art has shown up throughout her life and has provided her with multiple sources of income. For aspiring artists of any age, Sarah recommends learning as much as you can, as well as being open to new opportunities, even if those opportunities are outside of your chosen art medium.  

“I would say keep a really open mind to how your artwork could play out as a career. I have gone through seasons of being a face painter, and I thought, oh, I’m above that, but I made really good money face painting. Sometimes, you need to make money doing the art that you don’t love as much so that you can do the art that you do love.” 


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