Roger Adamson

Benefitting the Bend with the George Foundation

This week, we’re joined by Roger Adamson, CEO of the George Foundation, to discuss the philanthropic efforts and impact the George Foundation has on Fort Bend county, including numerous grants, scholarships, initiatives, and educational programs designed to provide the very best in aid and assistance. 

In this episode, Aimee, Emily, and Roger cover: 

  • History of the George Foundation and its link to the Old Three Hundred
  • How funds are arranged and divided up amongst nonprofit recipients 
  • Portfolios or “buckets” of giving within the community
  • Educational opportunities for students of all ages
  • Projects assisted by the George Foundation and how they came to be

Important highlights:

Sharing the history of the George Foundation

As a pillar of Fort Bend philanthropy for decades, Roger is proud to represent the organization and all they’ve done for our community. After being founded in 1945, the George Foundation designates millions of dollars in funding to different organizations and individuals based on a variety of categories, needs, and projects. Helping everything from healthcare to education to human needs to community development, they are always there to answer the call. 

“The reason to start the foundation was because they did not have descendants and they created the foundation out of tragedy, but it’s done so much good to help folks in the community.”

Conveying the message and mission of this Fort Bend organization

Although the need for grants and funding can be seen statewide in Texas, the George Foundation maintains its mission of benefitting Fort Bend county in every single thing it does. Whether that involves developing businesses or services within the county itself or aiding an organization that will partially help Fort Bend, our community is at the center of every grant, scholarship, and program funded and approved by the foundation. 

“There’s plenty of work to be done everywhere, but being able to focus our energy all on Fort Bend county helps guide our organization and helps guide where we go.”

Explaining scholarship and funding opportunities county-wide

One of the biggest funding opportunities the George Foundation has are the numerous scholarships available for college students. With an emphasis and focus on financial needs, these scholarships bridge the gap for many students between being able to afford college and having to work directly out of high school. Initiatives like this are amongst the most rewarding, according to Roger, because the benefit is so easy to see in families county-wide. 

“We really are trying to target young men and women that really need that financial support to actually get to school.”

Creating opportunities for education and experience in nonprofit settings

While funding and grants are a necessary part of everything Roger does, he also is proud of the many educational outreach programs the George Foundation supports every year. Two of these opportunities are run by the George Foundation themselves– the Excellence for Nonprofit Leadership course and the Youth In Philanthropy (YIP) program, both of which aim to support nonprofits in the area with additional assistance and support those looking to gain new skills and experiences in the nonprofit sector. 

“It is a commitment. It takes a lot of time to participate, but I think a lot of students that go through it find it well worth it.”

Find out more about the George Foundation on their website, or contact them via email: or phone: 281-342-6109

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