Rebekah & Brad

Sip & Sing with the Music Box Theater 

Rebekah Dahl and Brad Scarborough, Founders of The Music Box Theater, bring their musical and comedic talents to the pod and talk about their unique variety show theater. This husband and wife duo work alongside the awesome Houston-based company at Music Box to delight audiences of all ages. Highlights of this episode include getting an in-depth look at upcoming Music Box Theater shows (including A Beatles Holiday Cabaret 2023) and hearing an exclusive musical performance from Rebekah and Brad.  

Timecoded Guide: 

[00:00] Podcast begins – Sip & Sing with the Music Box Theater 

[02:35] Meeting the husband & wife behind the magic 

[08:36] Learning Rebekah & Brad’s musical theater backgrounds 

[18:09] Behind the scenes of current & upcoming shows 

[28:54] Celebrating the holidays with their annual Beatles Holiday Cabaret 

[32:26] Marrying sketch comedy with unique musical performances 

[38:28] A special performance from Rebekah & Brad 

[44:48] Inspiring aspiring performers  

Building a family-owned theater business 

After working in theater companies separately and together, Rebekah and Brad wanted the opportunity to strike out on their own and form a company that fit their needs. Between working and traveling around Texas, living in Richmond, and raising their son Beckett, Rebekah explains that running a business together allows her and Brad to connect, collaborate, and problem-solve as a team. Music Box being a family project now with their son being a performer as well adds another layer to what has already been such a special opportunity for them.  

“I love small business. I love family-owned businesses and that kind of entrepreneurship, because it just brings families together, too. It really helps us to be able to figure out how to fix things fast. Because in the business, you can’t walk around fighting about something, you have to come up with a solution.” — Rebekah 

Working in a theater company environment 

In a tight-knit company of performers and musicians, a unique bond is formed and creativity thrives. Brad explains that since 2011, Music Box has grown to encompass a team of humorous sketch writers, talented bandmates, and bold singers that get to feed off one another organically across the shows they work on. Performing together at the theater and traveling for private gigs has made Music Box its own family beyond just Rebekah, Brad, and their son.  

“That gives us an interesting dynamic as well because the chemistry when you’re literally performing with the same people, every weekend. We perform 50 weekends a year [at Music Box]. We can tell if somebody’s sick or if somebody forgot the lyrics without [the audience] knowing…That has to happen organically over time.” — Brad 

Combining music with sketch comedy  

Despite “music” being in the Music Box Theater’s name, you won’t just hear songs in the average Music Box performance. Sketch comedy is often woven into every show this talented company performs and Rebekah explains that sometimes, they fully plot their shows as well. Finding humor across the various themes their shows cover keeps each performance vibrant and allows them to have a little something for everybody each night.  

“If a show is conducive to comedy, which most things are, most themes you can find something funny about, we will write either sketches or monologues to go in between the songs or we will write a plotted show if we have time.” — Rebekah 


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