October Smith

Nature Lovers Paradise at Long Acres Ranch

October Smith, Ranch Manager at Long Acres Ranch, comes inside from the great outdoors to talk about a beautiful private green space in the middle of the bustling suburbs and shops of Richmond. Located in the heart of Richmond, Long Acres Ranch provides a unique, natural environment for educational and recreational activities and promotes the appreciation of nature and open space. Talking points include oodles of ologies for kiddos and adults, outdoor activities for nature lovers of all ages, and how to get involved in upcoming ranch opportunities.


Timecoded Guide: 

[00:00] Podcast begins 

[04:20] A green sanctuary of wildlife & learning in the heart of Richmond 

[10:12] Education programs for kids & adult learners  

[20:41] Typical day as a Ranch Manager & the many hats October wears 

[24:59] Upcoming 4H challenge for children across the state of Texas 

[29:32] Get involved in ranch happenings with emails, social & Long Acres website 

[34:56] Rocks, possums, & more ranch favorites at Long Acres 

How does Long Acres Ranch combine wildlife with learning?  

738 acres of undeveloped land along the Brazos River might sound too good to be true for Fort Bend citizens living in the bustling suburbs and built-up streets of Richmond, but Long Acres really is a paradise of learning and life. With animals abound and greenery abundant, October says that the Ranch offers a hands-on opportunity for learners of all ages to spend time being active outdoors. With their “ology” programs, kids can learn the science and study of everything from fish to plants to rocks and everything in between. 

“We’re big into education and believe in supporting education privately and publicly. The foundation said we want to maintain this relationship with education. If we are given the opportunity, what programs can we build? We have public schools, private schools, but we also have homeschoolers. Our goal is to touch children throughout their educational careers.” 

What does a typical day for you look like as a Ranch Manager? 

October wears many hats in her day-to-day role as a Ranch Manager, from keeping watch over the animals that call Long Acres home to helping the kiddos learn something new amongst the diverse variety of native plants. The Ranch is a busy place with lots of happenings, but October loves working with her team to make everything possible. A slice of green in a busy area shouldn’t be taken for granted, and October is happy to be a part of the Long Acres team. 

“Today, I got to ride on a trailer and tell the kids about the river all morning long. I pretty much have my hand in anything that goes on, overseeing everything that we do from scheduling to being out with the kids, creating the programs, and working with the people who show up and have their meeting space. So, really managing all things.” 

How can listeners get involved with Long Acres?  

Long Acres is a privately-owned property, but the public still can get involved in opportunities and events around the Ranch. For younger outdoorsy folks, the Ranch offers programs with public and private schools, as well as homeschooled kids. But the fun isn’t just reserved for kids, because older outdoorsmen and women can get involved in fishing, camping, and using the facility at Long Acres as a meeting space. Follow Long Acres Ranch on social media and sign up for their newsletter to learn more.  

“We have a calendar that has listings of upcoming events. A lot of it is done through schools, so you’re not going to see as much school information on there. Then, we have Facebook and our newsletter goes out twice a week and we keep that updated more than anything on what events are upcoming. We always give information on what ology is coming up.” 


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