Joyce Trigger

Creating Community Through Children

As owner and founder of Shady Oak Christian School, Joyce Trigger shares a personal connection with Emily and Aimee through working with their families and teaching their children. Shady Oak focuses on a holistic approach to education, inspiring parents to learn alongside their children and encouraging kids to uncover who they really are. With her insightful knowledge and caring nature, Joyce takes this opportunity to share the importance of forming connections and fostering community with Aimee, Emily, and their listeners. 

Joining the community

As a Richmond transplant, Joyce found a sense of belonging when she first made the choice to set up Shady Oak after leaving her former school in Pecan Grove. For Joyce, it wasn’t just about becoming a resident. It was about finding connections within the area and discovering who agreed with her stance on education and childhood development. Joyce has always wanted to carve out her own path and create her own school, but through Shady Oak, she has also created a community. 

“I think there’s a sense of joining, instead of just being a resident.”

Placing nurturing at the center

One of Joyce’s biggest inspirations for starting her own school was the idea that she didn’t want to spend her career as a teacher with someone always telling her what to do and placing such limitations on her methods. That’s why Shady Oak Christian School ended up becoming such a unique environment for many of the children in Richmond, including Emily and Aimee’s children. Joyce has always believed in nurturing as an educational tool, and she’s proud of the way that Shady Oak has been able to provide that for a great deal of kids in this community.

“The big word here: connection. It’s so important.”

Discovering the gifts of others

Joyce is an intuitive listener and is someone who has never been afraid of honesty. Her love for her community and for everyone in it has led to her impacting the lives of many people and encouraging them to follow their dreams and discover the true vision for their lives. Considering that Joyce is the reason that Aimee and Emily first met, it is obvious that Joyce has a genuine understanding of the potential of connections and the amazing collaboration that can happen when like-minded people learn together.

“I think it’s my sense of service, and I know that people need to be noticed.”

Thinking about yourself as a whole

Parenting and childhood are both journeys and Shady Oak acknowledges that from the very beginning of a child’s time with the school. For Joyce, including parents in the learning and growing process that their child takes on during their time at Shady Oak has always been one of the most rewarding parts. To approach yourself as a whole and to grow in a well-rounded way that preserves childhood has always been at the heart of everything Joyce has wanted to do and this philosophy extending outside the walls of Shady Oak and into the community has had an amazingly positive impact. 

“People feel so attracted to somebody that lets them be who they really are.”


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