Jen & Peg

Feeding Community at Three Sisters Farm with Jen Plihal and Peg Turrentine

Aimee and Emily meet Jen Plihal and Peg Turrentine, founders of Three Sisters Farm, and talk about all things farming, harvesting, and selling to the community.

In this episode, Aimee, Emily, Jen, and Peg cover: 

  • Growing up with gardening and farming in their childhoods 
  • Developing a business partnership through mutual passion  
  • Living off the land and making it work on a budget 
  • Selling crops and teaching others how to garden and grow 
  • Dreaming of more commercial opportunities in the future 

Important highlights: 

Joining each other in life and in business   

After meeting each other at a gardening presentation Peg was giving, Jen and Peg formed a bond that took them into business together. Mutually passionate about all things gardening and food, these two women are the example of hard work paying off, growing gorgeous vegetables and creating amazing products that show off their individual talents and combined genius.  

“It’s difficult to do it alone. So, finally I found the right person to assist me in this dream.” – Peg 

Understanding the needs of customers and community 

Three Sisters Farm is only possible through collaboration and community effort, and Jen and Peg work hard to bring that same thing to the community around them. With organic, next-level produce that gives back to the earth and to the local area, Three Sisters Farm has garnered a strong audience that has actually grown during the pandemic.  

“You have to think about who you’re growing for and who your customers are.” – Jen 

Doing it themselves and building their business  

Running a business and supporting their family off of this farm alone has been a lot of work and required some extra planning on their part, but Jen and Peg are thankful for all that they’ve accomplished. They show true entrepreneurial efforts in all that they do and they know how to live within their means in order to support their dreams.  

“Everything we would make, we would pump it right back into the business and into our new house.” – Peg 

Supporting others in their gardening journeys 

With their own passions and talents engaged, Jen and Peg work hard to provide their customers with service that genuinely makes an impact in their lives. At any time, these two women are willing to meet the needs of their customers and share their gardening expertise, provide services to a new gardener, or give helpful tips on preparing and serving certain foods.  

“Really, we would love it if everyone that was able to could grow some of their own food.” – Jen 


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