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Catching up with Em & Aim for Season 4

 A new season of Born in the Bend kicks off this week with a summer wrap-up and a calendar of exciting upcoming events. Emily recaps a summer of European travel and talks about her work with the Fort Bend Museum. Aimee discusses new happenings at Blockhouse Coffee and dives into some upcoming Richmond get-togethers you won’t want to miss. Additional talking points include: updates from past guests, holiday fun in Fort Bend, and the launch of the new and improved Born in the Bend website.  

Timecoded Guide: 

[00:00] Podcast begins – New Season, New Events, & New Announcements 

[05:21] Trips & travels stateside & worldwide 

[16:05] Growth with local history & local business 

[21:41] Updates on past guests & new experiences in Fort Bend 

[25:52] Local events at the Guild, Blockhouse, & the Museum 

[39:32] Launching the Born in the Bend website for season 4 

How was your summer?  

Coming back from a break to kick off season 4, Em & Aim catch up about what they’ve missed and what new experiences they’ve had while taking a summer break. Emily has been a traveling fiend, taking on stateside travel and jetting across the globe to Scotland and France. She’s also taken on a new role of Facilities Chair at the Fort Bend History Association. Aimee did some traveling of her own to Mexico and California. Aimee’s also been involved in lots of happenings at Blockhouse, including a new social media show, Aimee and Cody Do Coffee. 

“This year, we have been really, really blessed with just a fantastic year of growth. Blockhouse keeps seeing new customers come in. It’s just amazing. Cody and I are everyday in awe at how new people are finding us and our community is growing.” – Aimee 

What’s coming up in Fort Bend county?  

Lots of fun events and changes are coming to Fort Bend and Richmond. Vintage Hope, friends of the show, have grown into Pomp & Circumstance Boutique. Family Style, next door to Pomp, will be hosting a Christmas event on November 2nd. On November 9th, Fort Bend Museum will be hosting Bites & Brew with local food and beverage vendors. Also at Fort Bend Museum, Candlelight Tours will be taking place in December. Speaking of holiday celebrations, Richmond’s Christmas Community Walk will be held on December 1st in Downtown Richmond.  

“So, if you haven’t driven by the Fort Bend Museum, it’s become quite grand. We got new landscaping going in. We are getting it all beautiful, because we have a lot of events coming up on the property that I’m very excited to share with you all.” – Emily 

Anything exciting happening for Born in the Bend?  

Season 4 comes with an exciting new announcement – the Born in the Bend website is live! Em & Aim are so proud of this new opportunity for fans of the show to listen to Born in the Bend right on their website, as well as keep up with events and announcements from Em, Aim, and their amazing guests. Em & Aim are also calling on friends and fans of the show to use this new website to learn more about how they can get involved, from sponsoring episodes to being a guest on the show.  

“I know we’ve been talking about it a long time, it took us a while to get it just right, but it is beautiful. We are proud of it, we want you to see it. It is BornInTheBend.com. We’re just really proud of it.” – Aimee 


Additional resources to check out: Fort Bend Museum, Pomp & Circumstance Boutique, Fort Bend History Association, Family Style Design Co 

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