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Big Events, Book Bars, & Born in the Bend Returns!

Season 5 has officially arrived, and Em & Aim are so excited to catch up with listeners and look ahead for what’s to come on Born in the Bend! Aimee discusses new additions to the Jax & 7th and Blockhouse Coffee family, including LIT Bookbar and Mugz Coffee. Emily gives listeners a sneak peek of the upcoming Fort Bend Museum gala, “A Night in the Garden” taking place on April 6th. Additional talking points include summer travels, listener recommendations, and home remodels.  

Timecoded Guide: 

[00:00] Podcast begins 

[01:52] What’s new for Em & Aim since season 4 

[08:20] New businesses for Blockhouse with Lit Bookbar & Mugz  

[17:48] A Night in the Garden Gala event information & tickets 

[27:01] Building a fairy house & continuing with DIY projects 

[31:37] Recording from the other side of the mic on the “Unburdened by Hope” podcast 

[37:54] Emily asks for listener recommendations & opportunities with Dadbod 

[44:00] Sneak peek at upcoming guests & topics for season 5  

What’s new since Season 4?  

Season 4 was a whirlwind of stories with exciting guests, but offseason for Em & Aim has proven to be a source of inspiration. So much is new since season 4, including new home renovation projects, new business ventures, and new community happenings in Richmond. Her fresh haircut might make your head turn, but Aimee has headline-making news to share about Blockhouse— and an upcoming trip to Paris isn’t the only exciting preparation Emily is doing.  

“We clearly both have very full schedules with very exciting projects coming up, including season five of Born in the Bend. We’re really excited about this season. We’ve got pretty much everybody secured at this point. We have artists, we have nonprofits, we have the darling of the town, Ms. Sandy McGee.” – Emily 

Who’s new at Jax & 7th?  

Big things are happening at Jax & 7th, and your trip to get some afternoon coffee might turn into a late-night soiree with new tenant LIT Bookbar. Opening this March, LIT combines a chic independent bookstore with an alluring cocktail bar to create a match made in date night heaven. Aimee says that Jillian and her team at LIT Bookbar fit right in to the Jax & 7th family and add an exciting stop to the Downtown Richmond map. 

“This has been a long time in the making. This has been, let’s say, a long courtship of what will soon be an independent bookshop at our property. A couple years ago, I met Jillian Reed, who wanted some advice about finding property in downtown Richmond to open an independent bookshop and from the get go, she wanted to make it a bar.” – Aimee 

Where’s the next Richmond event you can’t miss?  

Jax & 7th won’t be the only place you can party this Spring. Emily is inviting you to get your tickets ASAP to the upcoming Fort Bend History Association gala. On April 6th, join 300 of your favorite Richmond neighbors at the Fort Bend History Museum for jazz, desserts, auctions, and more. A Night in the Garden is the first event of its kind, but Emily is giving it her all to make it a huge success that benefits an great cause.  

“I am chairing the Fort Bend History Association’s gala this year. It’s called A Night in the Garden. It’s the first ever of its kind, it will be held at the Fort Bend History Museum. I want people to settle in and just enjoy the evening. I think so often we get caught up at these events. I want people to settle in and enjoy the museum for what it is.” – Emily 


Additional resources to check out: LIT Bookbar, Fort Bend Museum, Fort Bend History Association 

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