Dexter L. McCoy

Political Impact in Your Own Backyard

Dexter L. McCoy, Fort Bend Commissioner of Precinct 4, brings his passion for local politics to the pod this week. Inspired by his past experience as student body president in college, Dexter has forged his career in local government with a focus on helping individuals improve their close-knit community. Talking points include what a County Commissioner really does, exciting political-driven projects in Fort Bend, and how each of us can make our own community impact in our everyday lives.  

Timecoded Guide: 

[00:00] Podcast begins – Political Impact in Your Own Backyard with Commission McCoy 

[04:46] Growing up in poverty & moving to Fort Bend county 

[11:11] Becoming interested in politics as a “chronic noticer” 

[20:13] Understand the path & purpose of County Commissioner  

[31:39] Diving into Precinct 4 & how Dexter helps his constituents 

[43:04] Exciting projects forthcoming in Precinct 4 & beyond 

[53:22] How you can get involved in county happenings 

Political inspiration in Dexter’s early life 

Dexter spent his early life in a low income area in Louisiana before moving to Fort Bend county in his teenage years. Along with encouragement from his parents to understand his own privilege and his abilities, Dexter has always been a “noticer,” especially when it came to inequalities in his community. Later in life, after Dexter served in student government in college, he felt called to serve his local government in Fort Bend and make a difference.  

“I’m a chronic noticer. We are only on this rock for so long, and I don’t believe that we’ve been put here just to exist, but to improve and to grow. How can we make sure that we’re doing that, so that after I’m gone, that there’s been a noticeable difference because I’ve been here?” 

Local government perspective & County Commissioner purpose 

Local government has Dexter’s hard because of the unique privilege County Commissioners have to serve their constituents so directly. While change at a higher level of government is a goal for many, the biggest improvements in everyday life can be made right here in Fort Bend by local commissioners. Dexter enjoys that working in local government allows him to start small and dream big at the same time. 

“We get so focused on what’s going on in DC, or even in Austin, which Austin is very important, too. But sometimes, we miss what’s happening right here that could actually help address the issues that we want to see some changes in.”  

Favorite parts vs difficult situations serving constituents 

Being a County Commissioner is rewarding for Dexter because he gets the opportunity to have a huge impact on the quality of life in his community. Whether fixing potholes in a small neighborhood or sprucing up a playground for hundreds of kids, Dexter loves getting to change lives for the better. However, there are always limits in what can be done. With politics being divisive at every level, it can be hard to deal with fellow politicians who have an agenda that pushes against policies that would be good for the community.  

“I love people and actually getting out and talking to folks and even just educating them about what we can do for them has been a lot of fun. We’ve gotten to cut the ribbon on a new playground over in Mission West, they had not had significant park improvements in that area in a very long time. We built a new playground there and it was a whole big community event.” 


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