Ana Alicia

Renovating Fort Bend History with Ana Alicia

Ana Alicia has worked as the site manager at the Fort Bend Museum for the past four years. With COVID-19 causing a shift in the way the museum operates, Ana takes the opportunity in this episode to explain where the museum plans to go from here and how they plan to still remain true to their vow to be a community hub in Fort Bend. 

How the Fort Bend Museum is handling COVID-19

The uncertain times we’re all living through have impacted more than just local businesses. The museum has had to adapt to these current changes too, with its own brand of innovation and education. Ana explains that as the museum gears up for reopening, they have also taken to social media to provide children, teens, and adults with fun learning activities that can be completed at home. Through posting three times a day on Instagram and Facebook, the Fort Bend Museum encourages Fort Bend educators and parents to get their children involved in Texas history without having to leave their own backyard. 

Who the Fort Bend Museum offers educational programs for

Although the circumstances have changed with the current pandemic, the Fort Bend Museum specializes in field trips and educational programs for all ages. With hands-on activities and games, children and students from all over Fort Bend county learn about the history of Texas through exploring the properties that the Fort Bend Museum exhibits and cares for. The fun isn’t just for kids, however, because adults also get the chance to learn with lecture series and events offered just for them. 

What the museum offers for programs and events

While education is at the heart of everything the Fort Bend Museum does, Ana is quick to point out that the museum often collaborates with neighboring businesses and associations to create incredible events that range from promoting local cuisine to celebrating holidays. With candlelit walks and ghost tours, tourists and locals can bring the whole family to enjoy the rich history and culture that Fort Bend has to offer.

Which ways you can get involved 

Considering how many events and field trips the Fort Bend Museum normally has on any given day, they are always asking for volunteers and help from the community. In this episode’s interview, Ana gives a thorough list of ways that anyone can get involved, including becoming a member, assisting with special events, donating, and purchasing tickets. 

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You can keep up with the Fort Bend Museum on social media through Facebook and Instagram