Amna Khalique

Baking in the Bend {Pt.1} with Amna Khalique

Aimee and Emily meet with Amna Khalique, owner of Sugarplum Bakery, on part one of a two-part bakery-themed series to discuss running her small bakery business out of Sugarland, Texas.  

In this episode, Aimee, Emily, and Amna cover: 

  • Baking during quarantine  
  • Relocating from Pakistan to America  
  • Finding the inspiration to bake professionally 
  • Keeping busy with popular recipe staples  
  • Dreaming big with the hopes of opening her own storefront  

Important highlights: 

Following in the footsteps of her family 

As talented as Amna is, she is quick to give credit to the amazing bakers and cooks that came before her in her family: her mother and her grandmother. From a young age, Amna found herself in love with baking, enjoying every part of developing recipes and feeding friends with her amazing baked goods, and she still pays tribute to those women today in all that she does.  

“I just find it really inspiring to flip through it and connect to her in some way and be a part of her legacy in this way.” 

Growing a new business in a new country 

Born and raised in Pakistan, Amna grew up with passions for both baking and journalism. When her life took her to America and away from her editing job at a Pakistani publication, she found her passion for baking returning as she took care of her young children. Taking the chance to start her own business in Texas has been a lot of work with a great deal of reward for Amna.  

“I feel like it has steadily grown and I’m honestly quite surprised by how many people want to order from me, it still takes me by surprise now.” 

Taking time to find creative outlets 

From her time as a mom to coping with quarantine, Amna has found that her passions are always ignited when she needs a creative outlet. The global pandemic has proven to be an opportunity for Amna to hone her skills, develop new recipes and products (including weekend boxes that we love), and inspire her followers on Instagram.  

“I needed that creative outlet more than anything else, something to keep myself distracted while everything felt like it was falling apart.” 


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