Adam & Jamie

Curated Decor & Family Inspired Events at Family Style Design Co

Adam and Jamie Busch from Family Style Design Co spend the season in style with us and talk about the upcoming happenings at their beautiful home decor shop. Inspired by family and influenced by their love of gift-giving, Adam and Jamie bring beautiful things to the Fort Bend community through decor, consultations, design services, and community events. Design elements of this episode include gift-giving as a family love language, community table dinners, and Christmas concerts. 

Timecoded Guide: 

[00:00] Podcast begins 

[05:17] Learning about the resident home decor shop of downtown Richmond 

[09:30] Finding community in Texas through dinners & decor 

[21:56] Hosting parties & events that make family out of friends 

[31:33] Bringing people together through beautiful designs 

[41:22] Join us at the Candlelight Christmas Concert on December 8th 

[50:27] How you can keep up with & learn more about Family Style Design Co 

Curating beautiful designs & bringing people together at Family Style Design Co 

After moving from San Diego to Richmond to raise their children, Adam and Jamie felt the call to find their community and build a welcoming place. Having both lost their mothers around the same time, they took comfort in memories of family gift-giving and generosity towards others. Family Style Design Co has been a labor of love – love for family, love for each other, love for Richmond, and love for curating beautiful things.   

“It goes back to how my mother raised me. We were not a gift card family, we gave gifts. This is what we do. Both of our moms did great with stockings, so like gifts in stockings. So, we both come from two families where giving gifts was a love language for us.” – Adam  

Hosting community events & getting involved in Richmond happenings 

Family Style’s beautiful shop isn’t just for decor – it also hosts community events, such as the upcoming Candlelight Christmas Concert. Jamie explains that each event feels like a party for them and they love the opportunity they have with their brick and mortar to host people from all around Fort Bend. Inclusivity at these events is especially important to Jamie and Adam as parents because they want everyone to be able to bring their families and have a good time. 

“I think being transplants and not having family here, we’ve had to create that family, which is why we chose Richmond. We knew a community could be made here and it has been. When we opened shop, we chose Jax & 7th, because it was already kind of in the works.” – Adam 

Design & consulting services to make your space feel like home 

Decor and events keep the Family Style Design team busy, but Jamie and Adam have recently been able to focus some of their energy on consulting and design services as well. Through these services, they’re able to come into the homes of neighbors and friends and help others make their space feel comfortable and chic. Jamie and Adam especially love the emotional moments that these design projects create, where they get to feel connected to their clients and share a positive experience with them in their home. 

I’m working on a dining room right now. We did a master bedroom and bathroom this year, which was so fun, because I got to really use fun things that just really made me so happy. I love at the end of every project, just sitting there and looking at everything and I don’t want to leave. I love that feeling. I just want to be in this room and soak it all in.” – Jamie  


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